Sunday, April 21, 2013

Four Years and The Paradigm Shift

Whew, its been 4 years since my last post. Dont really know where to start, my fingers just hit the keyboard and hovered over the old bookmark for this blog. Was thinking of saying this and that but I have some left over work to attend to so I have to keep it short.

So much for melodrama lol.

Anyways, I made the hobby comeback sometime around March-April last year with a definitive change of perspective in collecting. Right now im going after quality works because of two things 1) to give justice to the current OOTB kits sprawling on my cab and 2) save much needed space by avoiding the mad rush that caused my burnout. Gone were the days of whirlwind hauls and daredevil dibs lolz!

Here are some of the recruits since returning:

Still have to organize the others, clutter's gettin in the way. Pardon the random shots havent completely gotten the mojo back for photoshoots- but i guess with my blogger juices flowing once again who knows XD

Till next, Mismo!

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